Research Axis 1
EU in the international system

Supervisors: Associate Professor George Voskopoulos, Assistant Professor Fotini Bellou

Martha Symeonidou: 1 European Union as an International Actor: Internal – External Security Dimensions
Kiriakos Lefkopoulos: 2 From CFSP to EEAS: EU crisis operations Despina Damianidou: 3 EU, NATO, UN, OSCE Transatlantic/institutional Defense challenges


Research Axis 2
European Economic Governance

Supervisor: Associate Professor Ioannis Papadopoulos

Angeliki Roussou: 1 EU Fiscal Union
Kornilia Vikelidou, Panagiotis Moumtsakis: 2.  EU Banking Union and Structural Banking Reform Maria Kilinkaridou, Fotis Kokkinis, Eulampia Stogianni: 3 Regulation and supervision of Credit Rating Agencies


Research Axis 3
EU Growth

Supervisor: Professor Christos Nikas

Nikolaos Pias: 1 EU Industrial Policy for Growth
Athena Baveli: 2. An Investment Plan for Europe (Juncker Plan) Iraklis Mitsis: 3 Challenges for Foreign Direct Investment in EU and Comparisons with US and Russia


Research Axis 4
Constitutional Values, Rights and Citizenship

Supervisor: Associate Professor Despina Anagnostopoulou

Marianna Anastasopoulou, Erilda Goga: 1 The Role of the EU in Combating, Manifestations of Racism and Xenophobia Dimitris Kaloutsikos, Martha Simeonidou, Sofia Kirabalidou: 2 Enhancement of European Citizenship Rights Herakleia Giannakou: 3 The rights of the mentally ill in the Union legal order Christianna Theodoraki – Vrouvaki, Ioanna Tsatse: 4 Equality and social exclusion in the EU


Research Axis 5
Education and research policies of the EU

Supervisors: Associate Professor Despina Anagnostopoulou, Professor Dimitrios Skiadas

Sofia Saridaki: 1 Obstacles to the EU Research Policy and mobility of researchers
Aikaterini Alexandridi, Andreas Rentzis: 2 European Educational Area and Lifelong learning Zarkada Ioanna: 3 Youth policy, Youth Guarantee and employment in the EU