Summer academy on European Studies and Protection of Human rights
Internship at the university of madeconia’s jean monnet center of excellence

Summer academy, August 2016


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The summer school on the “Protection of Human Rights in Europe”, organized by the UNESCO Chair of the University of Macedonia, will take place in the Conference Room of the University of Macedonia, from August 26 to August 30, 2016.

The courses will be conducted in English by a highly qualified academic faculty from all over Europe and offers 3 extracurricular ECTS to its participants. The academic daily programme -which will be announced soon – will take place every afternoon from 14.30 to 21.30 and on the weekend, from 11.00-19.00 on Saturday and 15.00-21.45 on Sunday.

The summer school consists of five thematic cycles which include 1 or 2 lectures, as follows:
Universal and Regional Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection
P. Naskou Perraki: “International and Regional Protection of Human Rights – The example of Refugees”

European Convention of Human Rights
D. Rajska: “European Convention of Human Rights – Right to fair trial and right to asylum”
I. Papadopoulos: “Freedom of Expression”

EU Fundamental Rights and Protection of Personal Data
L. Papadopoulou: “The Charter of Fundamental Rights”
E. Alexandropoulou: “Personal Data Protection in Europe”

Non-Discrimination with emphasis on LGBT Rights
D. Anagnostopoulou: “The Non-Discrimination legislation and case law in ECtHR and EUCJ”
A. Tryfonidou: “LGBT Rights in Europe”

Refugees, Minorities, Groups, Cultural Rights
N. Gaitenidis: “Cultural rights in Europe” and “Minorities, indigenous peoples and groups: human rights and identity”
I. Papavasileiou -Alexiou: “Workshop on “Intercultural competences in counseling vulnerable social groups”

The tuition fee is 250 euros, while students of Greek Universities enjoy the special price of 200 euros. They include: the tuition, all handouts (sent by email), the welcome cocktail party, the coffee breaks and light lunch, the examinations and certificates. A reduction 10% is granted for groups of 2 participants).

The Summer School will be able to provide two scholarships under the condition that there are at least 20 registrations, and the applicants demonstrate high academic record and proof of economic inability. The scholarship covers only the tuition fee.

The application deadline is August 22, 2016; you may apply by filling in the application form in English at and then e-mail the form to or

You may cancel your participation up to August 19, while reimbursements are not possible, except if we cancel the summer school.

Please consult the relevant leaflet for more information and APPLY NOW!

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For registration and information please contact: and
+30 2310 891 442
+30 6906 762 857

The first summer school began on Thursday, July 14 afternoon and ended on Tuesday, July 19. It lasted 40 hours with a focus on the protection of human rights in Europe:

·       International human rights protection mechanisms (International Covenants and International Conventions), taught by f. Professor P. Naskou Perraki (University of Macedonia)
·       European Convention on Human Rights by Dr. Dagmara Dajska, expert of the Council of Europe, who will discuss  the right for fair trial and the right to asylum,
·       Freedom of Expression by Prof. I. Papadopoulos (University of Macedonia),
·       Protection of Personal Data by Prof. E. Alexandropoulou (University of Macedonia),
·       EU Charter of Fundamental Rights by Prof. L. Papadopoulou (Aristotle University of Macedonia),
·       Prohibition of discrimination by Prof. D. Anagnostopoulou (University of Macedonia),
·       LGBT Rights by Prof. Alina Tryfonidoy (Reading University),
·       Protection of minorities and cultural rights by Dr. Nikos Gaitenidis, Head of the Observatory on Constitutional Values of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, and
·       Workshop on intercultural skills by Prof. I. Papavasileiou (University of Macedonia)
Students who attend both summer schools of our summer academy will have a total discount of 10%. Also, we will be able to offer you discount (in the form of a scholarship for delegations of more than 5 people (one for a group of 5, two for a group of 10 etc.). Delegations of more than 3 people will receive a 10% discount. We do not cover any visa costs, accomodation or transportation.
For additional information and applications, please refer to the attached posters and booklets or contact:
Assistant Professor Despina Anagnostopoulou 2310 891 442
or Ms. Chrysothea Basia
Phone number: 00306979348008