Summer academy on European Studies and Protection of Human rights

Roundtable: June 10th 2016

Date and Time of the Roundtable: June 10th 2016, 17.00-21.00

University of Macedonia’s Conference Room

The roundtable discussion will be organised by the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence of the University of Macedonia, and it will be sponsored by Erasmus+ under the Center’s research Axis on racism and xenophobia. The discussion will be focused on an in-depth examination of racism both from a horizontal and a vertical perspective, since the groups on the receiving end of racist behaviours and racism itself along with discrimination, the legal framework etc., will be examined, while the research and discussion regarding xenophobia will be focused on Islam, minorities, refugees etc., including “national profiling”.

The speakers of this conference will be respectable academics such as PhD candidates and members of the civil society, and in that way a pluralistic and complete approach to the subject will be offered.

Conference Schedule


Keynote speech

Racism and Xenophobia in the Case Law of the ECHR

Emeritus Professor Ch. Rozakis, President of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe, former Vice president of the ECHR


1st Session

Chair: P. Naskou-Perraki,

Former Professor of the Department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia, Former Director of the UNESCO Chair
17.45 – 18.10

Criminal law of Manifestations of Racism, M. Kaiafa-Gbandi, Professor at the AUTh Law School

Human Rights and Cultural Otherness: Claims and balances, Dr. N. Gaitenidis, Research Associate of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, University of Macedonia

Racist Speech and Freedom of Expression, A. Pavlopoulos, PhD candidate of the Department of Law at AUTh
18.40 – 19.00



2nd Session

President: D. Anagnostopoulou, Assistant  Professor of the Department of international and European Studies, University of Macedonia, Academic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and Director of the UNESCO Chair
19.00 – 19.15

Ethnic Separation based on the law, K. Tsitselikis, Professor of the Department of of Balkan, Slavic & Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia

Institutional Discrimination: the unseen racism of institutional structures, S. Kofinis, Doctor Juris, Administrative Court of First Instance Judge

The concept of human decency in the case law of the ECtHR and the Court of the EU for the refugees, A.-M. Konsta, Lecturer of the Department of Law of the AUTh


Roundtable Discussion of the Jena Monnet Center of Excellence

 Coordinator: L. Papadopoulou, Associate Professor of the School of Law, Jean Monnet Chair of European Constitutionalism, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thematic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence


  • Papadopoulou, journalist
  • Baxevanis, Doctor Juris, former President of the Refugee Committees of the Greek Asylum Service
  • A. Chatzinikolaou, Teacher at the 5th Elementary School of Menemeni of Intercultural education at Dendropotamos
  • Floran-Ioannou, President of the Association of Friends and Volunteers of the Society for the Protection of Minors
  • Moulazem, Teacher of special education at the 7th Elementary School of Xanthi
  • Sabiha Souleiman, Women’s Association “Hope”, Xanthi
  • Soel, Colour Youth Thessaloniki
  • Alexandros Maragkos

Participation is free. Certificates of attendance will be given at the end.