Who we are- aims and objectives

The Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet: “Research on Crucial Issues of European Integration” is hosted by the International Relations and European Integration Department of the University of Macedonia, Department of International and European Studies.
Its main objective is the research of the most critical, up-to-date issues of European Integration and its main tasks are to promote dialogue, to contribute to the revival of the “European idea” among European citizens, increasing the interest in European integration studies and, finally, the consolidation of the European principle of solidarity.
Both in its website and in printed publications, the Centre publishes rich material such as the Presentations of the lecturers, scientific articles, research projects and student workbooks. The Center of Excellence, is also active in social media with frequent publications and announcements of its events. At the same time, operating under the Centre of Excellence, the Observatory of EU Constitutional Values is engaged in logging activities, evaluating EU law, electronic publications etc.
With a vision to continue the work of Jean Monnet Chair “New Dimensions in European Legal Studies” which operated under the auspices of the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia (2012-2015), the Centre of Excellence aims to continue the long tradition of the University of Macedonia and, in paticular, the Department of International and European Studies in conducting high-level research, innovation, creativity and pluralism in education. Moreover, the project is expected to contribute to the creation of new cooperation links between the University of Macedonia with universities and institutions located within and outside the EU, particularly in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean.